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X-Ray QA Features

Performing regular quality assurance audits of your x-rays is the most effective measure you can take to ensure that the quality of your images remains high, reducing the number of x-ray retakes and so increasing the level of patient care your practice provides. But, despite the fact that it is something that every practice is required to do there are, as yet, no custom made computerised methods to help you do this.

Until now, that is....

✔ Freedom

Audit your images in a simple no fuss way. You can even choose to upload the images to be audited while at your practice and then audit them where and when you like, on your PC, Mac or tablet with an easy to use interface.

✔ Nothing to Install

This whole system is an Internet based application meaning that you won't have to install any special software* or worry about having to log into your machine as an administrator to install it.

*Reporting tools not compatible with old versions of Internet Explorer. Please use Internet Explorer 9 or above or use a different browser, we recommend Google Chrome.

✔ No Limits

You are free to create as many audits as you like, you can choose to audit retrospectively in batches or as you take them.

✔ Reports

Automatically generated reports display your audit results in an easy to read format making any potential issues easy to indentify. Or, create comparative reports designed to help monitor your image quality over a period of time. Choose to look at your report at any time during your audit to check your progress or look at it long after the audit has been completed.

✔ Complete Compliancy

Did you know that as well as auditing your radiograph quality did you know that you are also required to audit your computer screen every 3 months too? Use our step- by-step guide to make sure you are not over exposing patients simply because your monitor is not set up correctly.

✔ Time Saving

Reject analysis and putting together a review and plan of action takes time. X-Ray QA oes your reject analysis automatically then use the 'Add Plan of Action' tool to quickly write up your action plan, which will be then added to your report creating a professional looking document in no time at all ready to give to the CQC.

✔ Monitoring

Compare results of your audits side by side so you can see immediately how your overall radiograph quality improves.

✔ Tools

Use the interactive sensor placement guide to learn perfect positioning or maybe you have an issue with your radiograph quality and you're not entirely sure what the cause is? Use our second opinion service to get a quick, unbiased diagnosis.

✔ Instant Access Anywhere

The whole system and all of your work is accessible, securely, via the internet so you can get instant access to your audits and reports, past and present, anywhere there is an internet connection.

✔ Education

Learn how to correctly identify issues that may be affecting the quality of your radiographs so you can address them or use our positioning guides to prevent them from happening in the first place.

✔ Information

All of the official guidelines in regards to your images, including image retention length and audit frequency, all in one place making it easier for your practice to fully comply with the powers that be.

✔ Do it Your Way

Choose from a range of audit types, customise the selection of quality affecting factors and select your own colour scheme for your reports making your audits completely your own.

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✔ Instant, professional looking
reports anytime and anywhere

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