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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this site?

Every dental is practice is required to audit their dental x-rays at least once every six months as part of their quality assurance programme so that they can monitor and maintain a high level of x-ray quality. Presently the majority of dental practices use a pen and paper to record these audits because there are no computerised methods of recording them available.

X-Ray QA provides that method so that audit results can be entered into the computer and saved digitally helping practices get nearer to their ultimate goal of becoming paper free. Storing audits digitally also makes it possible to display audit results in easy to read graphs so that any areas of concern can be quickly indentified and addressed.

What are the guides and tools for?

The overall aim of this site is to help dental practices improve their x-ray quality. This site provides a range of tools and guides designed to help the user recognise common errors in dental x-rays and to help them avoid them in the first place. This also includes a monitor calibration guide to avoid scenarios where the user increases the amount of radiation used to compensate for a monitor that isn't set up correctly.

What if I don't use a digital system?

The theory and techniques behind taking good quality x-rays are universal, not just unique to users of digital x-ray systems. Although this site was designed with the digital user in mind, the majority of the tools and guides it offers are completely compatible with users of wet film or phosphor plate systems. They will still be able to use the system to enter their audits and use the report generation tools as well as use the majority of the tools and guides geared toward helping improving and maintaining image quality.

How many audits can I create at one time?

You can create as many audits as you like

Why would I want to create more than one?

When you perform an audit ideally all of the images you plan to include should be of the same type so you may want an audit for just bitewings and another for periapicals. It might also be that there are several associates at your practice and they would like to have separate audits. Also, by creating a new audit each time you want to audit your images, you will be able to look back at previous audits and see how they compare to your more recent ones and see how your image quality has improved.

It might also be that you would like to audit your images as you take them so that you can monitor your image quality as you go along and then do an 'official' audit separately.

How long will my audits and reports be available for?

As long as you want them. Audits and reports will remain on the system until either you delete them or you decide you no longer want to use the system and close your account.

How secure are my images once I've uploaded them.

Once the images are uploaded they are renamed using a random number and then stored in folders using the user's unique account ID that is known only by the system. In the unlikely event that the server is compromised and someone manages to access the images you have uploaded, they will have no way of knowing who they are of or to whom they belong.

Is there a limit to how many images I can upload?

No, but please bear in mind that you should not use this service as a means of storing or backing up your images. Although the webserver is backed up on a regular basis its permanence is not guaranteed and we cannot accept responsibility for any loss of images. The images you upload to this site should be a copy of the original as specified by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

What kind/size of images can I upload?

To comply with security protocols, so that all patient information is removed from metadata embedded within the image, images that are uploaded must be in .jpg format. The size restriction is 2mb. An average bitewing exported to jpg format is approximately 0.5mb.